Welcome to the Cocos2d WikiEdit

All about cocos2d, an open source 2D programming engine for games, covering cocos2d, cocos2d-iphone and cocos2d-android. This wiki aims to collect tips, examples and reference from the community that uses the engine to create games and applications, with the main aim of helping and guiding anyone that wants to use cocos2d.

Please note this wiki is not affiliated with or endorsed by any of the official Cocos2d projects.

This wiki has five sections:

  • iOS for the iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch
  • Nix for the unix like flavors
  • Mac for the Mac's
  • Win for the Windows operating system
  • Android for the Android running devices


Cocos2d is a framework for creating games and demo's using a 2D graphics environment, it comes in three flavors;

  1. Cocos2d, the original, using the Python language for use on Nix, Mac's and PC (Windows) based operating systems, that can be found at
  2. Cocos2d-iphone, using the Objective C language for use on the apple iOS based devices ie; the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, living at
  3. Cocos2d-iphone for Android, using the Java language for use on devices using the Android operating system, growing at

Latest activityEdit

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