To start using Cocos2d-iphone the suggested minimum are

  • Mac computer - to run the software to create your game
  • XCode - apples development package
  • Cocos2d-iPhone
  • Apple developer licence - so you can test you app on the device.
  • iOS device, iPhone,iPad or iPod Touch - for testing.

These last two can be pushed back until later if you just want to try your hand at game development, the XCode package comes with a simulator so you can build and test ideas without committing further to the iOS hardware and licence purchase.

A Mac Mini is more than capable for building and testing apps

Suggested additonal items:

  • Sound editing software for example Audacity
  • Art creation and editing software for example GIMP, Blender or Photoshop
  • Spritesheet/Texture Atlas software, for example TexturePacker or ZWOPTEX

I personally can recommned TexturePacker Pro it does the job and will save you hours of time over doing the sheets manually in an art package, it also creates the plist file for you, it will save you its cost in time very quickly.

Blender looks a little out of place here its a very complex package for 3D asset creation, however I have used it to create Icons directly and have found its ideal for creating animation sequences, with control for lighting and the like. It has a very steep learning curve but once mastered its very time efficent, also its free!

You are not limited to working on the Mac, I for instance create all my artwork and audio on a Windows box, and only switch to the Mac for coding and testing.

Ivovis 00:21, October 5, 2011 (UTC)